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Our Students Have Licensed Their Music To:

Did you know that Sync Licensing accounts for over $1 Billion in Annual Earnings for musicians, record labels and publishers

Just ONE placement alone has the ability to breathe new life into your music career!

But we want to let you in on a little secret:

Blasting your music out to a list you found online will NEVER land you the Elite Placements that have the power to change the trajectory of your life and music career! 

The truth is, professionals only want to work with other professionals.

So if you want to be taken seriously in this industry, you must understand the intricacies of Music Licensing

Here's the EXCITING news...

Having a highly successful and profitable sync licensing career is within reach. There are artists just like you, landing Elite Level Placements every single day!

We have personally experienced placements ranging from $20,000 to $150,000+!

Are you ready to experience the same with your songs?

If you’re tired of chasing the record or publishing deal, trying to stand out, and getting lost in the shuffle, we’ve been there too!  

But it was sync licensing that changed our lives, and gave us music careers that have been personally, creatively, and financially fulfilling. 

That’s why we’re so passionate about sharing our Elite Licensing Strategies with other musicians! 

Neither of us have been signed to a major record label or publisher.

The reality is being an independent musician today is truly a blessing!

With over 30 years of combined experience in the sync licensing industry as songwriters, producers, composers, music library owners and music supervision, we’ve been through it all.

We’ve landed the biggest placements imaginable, from theme songs, to blockbuster movie trailers, globally recognized brands, and more. 

There is nothing more satisfying and life-changing than knowing all the years of hard work and sacrifice are paying off...

...and will continue to pay off for years to come!

You are just as worthy, deserving and capable of attaining this level of success as well!

It's Time to Stop Settling for Less than You Deserve...

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That's Why We Created:

This is Your Opportunity to Dominate

the World of Sync Licensing at an Elite Level!

Get Instant Access to 2 Premier Sync Licensing Experts & Programs 

You will receive:

  • Jody Friedman’s Platinum Music Licensing Masterclass
  • Michael Elsner’s Master Music Licensing Course

Together, these two programs give you the complete 360 degrees on how to Dominate and Thrive at Licensing Your Music at an Elite Level!  

You will learn from the perspective of a sync agent, publisher & music supervisor in The Platinum Music Licensing Masterclass.

You will learn from the perspective of a songwriter, producer & production company owner in The Master Music Licensing Course.

YES! I'm Tired of Struggling to Get Ahead..
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Jody's Platinum Music Licensing Masterclass

A practical course on world of music licensing, inside and out, taught from the perspective of a sync agent, publisher & music supervisor.

You'll Learn How to:

  • Simplify Your Workflow So You Can Overcome Obstacles 
  • Understand the Fundamentals Of Music Licensing by learning about copyright law using case studies, royalty income, license fees, cue sheets & more
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes by examining the marketplace including discussions on representation, rate cards, blanket licensing, re-titling, libraries and much more
  • Know How Your Target Clients Think and how they work by examining a day in the life of a music supervisor and other vital components to understanding how decisions are made.
  • Make Sure Your Pitch is Effective and On Point Every Time
  • Unlock the Psychology Behind Networking, The essentials of metadata & how to know when your music is ready
  • Understand the Nuts & Bolts of the licensing process by examining the 3 Essential Documents you'll need to know when someone is ready to license your music
    (and You Will Get Contract Templates To Keep...Templates That I Spent $4,000 On!)
  • Go Behind the Scenes On a Project I Music Supervised in 2017 for Focus Features "Won't You Be My Neighbor"
See Everything You Get With Jody's Program

Michael's Master Music Licensing Course

The full framework of licensing your music, taught from the perspective of a songwriter, producer & production company owner.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Create Easily Licensable Music for TV & Film Placements
  • Build Your Catalog Quickly by incorporating simple writing and production strategies that are ideal for sync placements. 
  • Create Alternate Mixes & Endings that dramatically increase the value of your music catalog and placement opportunities.
  • Implement My TOP SECRET Mix Method that has guaranteed me at least 1 international commercial placement each year for the last 10+ years.
  • Write Lyrics that are Perfect for TV & Film Placements because the perfect song for a scene is essential when it comes to putting viewers in the right frame of mind.
  • Master Metadata: The Golden Ticket to Landing a Sync Placement. Your songs must not only stand out from the other 100,000's of songs, they must be easily searched and auditioned before a license is secured.
  • Successfully Contact Music Supervisors and Music Libraries using a Bulletproof 6 Step Approach.
  • Understand & Negotiate Any Licensing Contract.
  • and finally, How to Deliver Your Music to Get Consistent Placements
See Everything You Get With Jody's Program
See Everything You Get With Michael's Program

It is our mission to get YOU to the next level ASAP so you can continue to build your licensing career for years to come


That's why we're including over $20,000 in...

Jody's Bonuses:   

  • Upgrade from "Gold" to "Platinum" Masterclass ($1500 Value!)
  • Contract Template Downloads ($4,000 Value!) of a Quote Request, License Request, + Master & Sync License *My actual templates that my attorney drafted years ago!
  • Six Exclusive Panels featuring Guest Industry Pros ($3,000 Value!)
  • Access to our Private Masterclass Community ($500 Value!)
    Sometimes you just need a 'collaborator' to keep you on track. 
  • Free Access To My Popular 5 Part Training Series on How To Get Heard By Music Supervisors  ($100 Value!)
  •  Downloadable Handbooks, Cue Sheets & Guides ($100 Value!)
  •  20% Off Your First Year of DISCO (The Industry Standard Platform For Pitching Your Music) ($100 Value!)

Michael's Bonuses:

  • Music Licensing Toolkit ($1497 Value!) This kit includes my personal Cheatsheets, Spreadsheets and Scripts that I've only shared with my high end coaching clients.
  • Real World Insight Package ($1997 Value!) This package consists of interviews, advice, and direction from some of the most skilled and experienced industry pros.  Each of these is a mini-course unto itself.
  • Lifetime Access to the Private Music Licensing Mastermind Group (Priceless) Access to this private group intentional, on-purpose musicians puts you in the heart of a close-knit community that is fully invested in helping each member achieve licensing success.
  • Lifetime Access to the Live Q&A Sessions ($2997 Value!) These sessions are essentially a live mentorship program. You're going to get access to all the previous Q&A sessions, AS WELL AS have the opportunity to join us on all future sessions!

Ignite gives you all the tools you need to 10x your investment!


By enrolling in Ignite, you will be fully prepared to dominate sync licensing...

Build Confidence

Sync Pros Want to Work with Other Sync Pros, so in Order to Compete at an Elite Level, You Must Understand the Business Of Licensing.

Be Prepared

You Will Learn Our Proven Strategies, as well as Go Behind the Scenes to Fully Understand How Your Licensing Clients Think.

Avoid Mistakes

You'll Avoid Costly Mistakes by Learning the Expected Protocols to Follow When Pitching Your Music to Supervisors & Libraries.

Overcome Obstacles

By Applying Michael's 4 Step Process and Jody's E.L.E.V.A.T.E™ Formula, You'll Quickly Overcome any Obstacles that Arise.

Save Time & Money

You'll Save Years Of Trial & Error, Benefiting From the Lessons We've Learned Throughout Our Licensing Careers.

Get Licensed

You Will Have Access to the Exact Same Tools Jody and Michael Use in Their Businesses so You can Consistently Get Licensed.

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  • Access to Jody's Private Masterclass Community
  • Access to Michael's Music Licensing Mastermind


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  • Lifetime Access to Platinum Masterclass
  • Lifetime Access to Master Music Licensing
  • Over $20,000 in Bonus Upgrades
  • Access to Jody's Private Masterclass Community
  • Access to Michael's Music Licensing Mastermind

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We've spent our entire careers refining our licensing processes to the point where we are so confident they'll Save You Years of Trial and Error, and Put You on the Fast-Track to Successfully Licensing Your Own Music, that we're offering IGNITE with a...

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With over 30 years combined experience and 10,000+ placements between us, we are on a mission to help you become an Elite Level Performer in the Sync Licensing Industry

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