For Musicians Who Want To Make Music a Lifelong Career…

Check out the results that other musicians just like you are getting by learning directly from Music Supervisor, Jody Friedman:

Check out the results that other musicians just like you are getting by learning directly from Music Supervisor, Jody Friedman:


Only 200 3 Spots Remaining...

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Only 200 153 Spots Remaining...

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Jody’s “Music Licensing Masterclass” gives you all the knowledge and insight you need to license your music to film, TV, trailers, commercials & video games!

Here's What You're Getting: 

  •  Learn from a Music Publisher & Music Supervisor with 20+ years of experience (10,000+ Value!)
  •  Music Licensing Masterclass Gold ($1,500 Value!)

Here's a peak at some of the Masterclass Content...

MODULE 1 | Course Introduction

"Come and Get It"

You'll learn:

  • What exactly Music Licensing Is & Why you should focus on it
  • The Power of Collaboration
  • Music Licensing Lingo / Key terms to understand
  • The Prism Method - How to Maximize Your Recording Sessions

MODULE 2 | E.L.E.V.A.T.E™ Your Music

"The Great Gig in the Sky"

I'll teach you my seven step formula for success called E.L.E.V.A.T.E.™, giving you practical ways to:

  • Simplify your workflow
  • Overcome obstacles to get your music where it needs to be to Get Licensed
  • Break free from writer's block
  • Accomplish even your most challenging goals

MODULE 3 | Music Licensing Fundamentals

"It's Tricky"

In this module, we teach you business fundamentals so that you can communicate with other professionals confidently, covering topics such as:

  • Copyright Law as it pertains to Music Licensing including a Case Study
  • Master Fees & Sync Fees so you know what to expect
  • Performance Rights Organizations & Royalty Income
  • Cue Sheets, and more...

MODULE 4 | Representation & Rate Cards

"Money (That's What I Want)"

Be prepared!  This module will prepare you for the marketplace, so you can avoid costly mistakes, teaching you:

  • The different types of Representation Available to you and what to look for in a Rep
  • The types of fees to expect to earn from the different forms of Media you'll be licensing to
  • Blanket Licensing, Re-titling, Libraries, and much more...

MODULE 5 | The Gatekeepers

"Something In The Way"

To get licensed, it is vital to know WHO you're pitching to and how they work.
In this module, we'll go over:

  • Who all of the Gatekeepers are
  • How to be sure your music actually reaches the right people
  • A unique system I've developed to explain in detail how the decision making process works and more...

MODULE 6 | How to Pitch Your Music

"Welcome to the Jungle"

This module teaches you how to navigate through the crowded space of Music Licensing & how to make sure your pitch is effective and on point.  We'll cover:

  • How to master the art of the pitch so you can get placements
  • How to make sure your music is ready
  • The psychology behind networking
  • The importance of Metadata & How to create Metadata
  • The real party to pitch to and more...

MODULE 7 | Someone's Interested, Now What?

"How Ya Like Me Now"?

Someone has expressed interest in licensing your music - now what?  Using real life examples (and templates you get to keep!), we'll go over: 

  • Quote Requests
  • Confirmation of Use & License Requests
  • Master & Sync Licenses
  • The amount time it takes for the money to start coming in and why

MODULE 8 | Case Study

"Won't You Be My Neighbor" (Focus Features)

In this section, we'll go behind the scenes to discuss the music licensing process using real life examples from a feature film I Music Supervised for Focus Features in 2017.

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Get Instant Access To The Music Licensing Masterclass Today! ▶︎
Gain Access Now! ▶︎

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meet Jody

A creative force working in the music business for over 20 years, as a songwriter, producer, composer, publisher, artist and Music Supervisor for Film, TV, & Ads, Jody has licensed over 10,000 songs from hundreds of artists and has secured over $1.75M in license fees and over $500k in Royalties. 

Through the "License Your Music Masterclass”, artists are learning how to do what Jody’s done (in a shorter amount of time!).

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