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In order to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, please take a moment to review the answers to these frequently asked questions.

We get this request a lot, but it's impossible for us to accommodate everyone who wants to hop on a call and talk about sync licensing. 

Our offerings are intended to meet you precisely where you're at on your sync licensing journey, so we can provide you with exactly what you need to land placements of your songs.

To help you get started, please grab your FREE copy of The Musicians Guide to License Your Songs to Film, TV & Ads.


To quickly and easily clarify where you’re at on YOUR Sync Success Path, simply answer these 4 questions:

1.  Do you have a firm understanding of Publishing and Master Ownership as it pertains to you and your co-writers, as well as your royalty streams setup and in place?

  • If No, then your first step is to enroll in the Sync-Ready Challenge so we can get all that squared away for you.
  • If Yes, move on to question #2.

#2.  Have you taken a course or program that teaches you the full framework of sync licensing, including a thorough understanding of metadata, how to connect with, and deliver your songs to Music Supervisors, Sync Agents and Music Libraries, as well as a deep dive into sync licensing contracts?

  • If No, then you need to enroll in Sync Placement Academy, where you'll learn how to navigate the sync industry on a professional level.
  • If Yes, move on to question #3.

#3.  Are you in an active community of like-minded musicians, where you have opportunities to connect with sync professionals, find collaborators, and pitch your music to briefs on a regular basis?

  • If No, then the Sync Titan Community is where you'll be able to quickly expand and grow your network of sync professionals.
  • If Yes, move on to question #4.

#4.  Are you looking for elite-level, 1-on-1 professional mentorship to scale your placements into the 5 and six-figures?

  • If No, then congratulations, you must be crushing it with your placements!  But keep in mind there's always something new to learn, and one elite strategy or system has the potential to grow your business exponentially!
  • If Yes, then you’re ready for an Adrenaline Day with us!

Since we don’t know the first thing about your specific catalog of songs (style, genre, etc), it's impossible to recommend a particular supervisor or library that your music is best suited for.  We would actually be doing you a disservice by simply saying, 'send your music here.'

This is why those who blast their music out to a list of random Music Supervisors, Sync Agents, and Music Libraries, often fail, and fail hard. 

We created Sync Placement Academy to show YOU how to navigate the sync world on a professional level.  This program teaches you the full framework of sync licensing from start to finish, and will allow you to retain control through the entire process of licensing your songs.

If you want to earn a consistent income with your music, then sync licensing is a great path for you.  It's one of the very last outlets we, as independent musicians, have available to us to profit from our music, and the income it generates far outweighs that from streaming.

However, when you’re licensing your music, it’s essential to realize that you are NOT working in the Music Industry.  You’re working in the TV Industry, the Film Industry, the Commercial/Ads/Promo Industry, and the Video Game Industry. 

So, how do you avoid giving up the rights to your music?  By understanding how these other industries utilize your music.  You must know the difference between a Sync License, a Mechanical License, Songwriter, Publisher, and Master Rights, as well as what specific clauses are essential to include and avoid in every licensing contract.

We’ll shoot straight with you, there’s a lot to this. Every situation is unique. We don’t want you to give up the rights to your music without knowing exactly what you’re doing.  That’s one of the reasons why we created the Sync Placement Academy.  It’s the full music licensing framework from start to finish. 

If you want to start licensing your songs, but are afraid that you’ll make a mistake and give up the rights to your songs forever, then you need to enroll in this program so you can learn all the ins and outs of this highly profitable business, while at the same time protecting your rights to your music.

Frankly, there is no other way.

You can login to the course at any time at:

Make sure to use the e-mail address you signed up for the program with.  We've found that the #1 reason people have trouble logging in is because they initially subscribed to our e-mail list with one e-mail address, but then used a second e-mail address to sign up for the program.   

If you forgot your password, click the "Forgot Password" button on the login page, and a new password will be sent to your email, so you can login effortlessly.

This is a fantastic question, and we totally get it.  It’s helpful to know exact amounts so you can plan accordingly, but the honest answer is it’s not that simple. 

Even for us, it’s hard to predict how much each royalty check, or sync fee, will be.  There are just too many variables that enter into the equation.  But once you gain a full understanding of them, you will be better equipped to generate the highest rates possible.

Many independent musicians who've fully committed to sync, are making six figures and more licensing their songs. 

However, there are many incredibly talented musicians who don’t make anything licensing their music, because they haven't taken the time to learn what goes into successfully licensing their music.  They approach the licensing industry in the same way they approach the music industry... They "blast" music supervisors with their music, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this approach will never work in their favor.

Licensing your music isn’t a get rich quick scheme (although it's much better than a stay poor slowly scheme).  

To fast-track your placements, we've laid out a very strategic Sync Placement Success Path to meet you precisely where you're at on your sync journey, and fast-track your placements.

Module 6 of the Sync Placement Academy is the most extensive series of lessons on metadata that you will ever encounter.  There is no other program on the market that does this in-depth into creating full and thorough metadata.  This is why we’ve had so many successful students!

There’s a lot to licensing your music, and Metadata is one key component where, without it, you’re dead in the water.  But remember, it’s just one component, and we spend a LOT of time on every aspect of metadata inside this course.

We know we sound like a broken record because we say this often, but when you’re licensing your music, you’re no longer working in the music industry.  You’re working in the TV Industry, the Film Industry, the Commercial / Promo / Ad Industry, and the Video Game Industry.  The end users of your music - music supervisors, music editors, re-recording mixers, etc. - NEED your music delivered to them in an entirely different way than what we have all become accustomed to within the traditional Music Industry, and Metadata is just one very important component of it.

We love that you're taking the initiative to contact supervisors!!  But first let us ask you this…

"If a music supervisor called you right now and wanted to license one of your songs, could you confidently read, understand and negotiate that contract yourself within the next 2 to 3 hours?"

If the answer to that is "No," then your first step is to join Sync Placement Academy.

If your answer to this question is "Yes," then our Sync Titan Community offers you regular opportunities to connect with Sync Professionals of all kinds, as well as pitch to major TV, Film & Commercial projects!

Remember, the deadlines in the world of music licensing are very real.  You’re not going to have 3 or 4 days to meet with a lawyer, go over the contract, get back to the supervisor, etc… You likely have just a matter of hours to negotiate and secure the license.

The reason why many musicians fail at licensing their music is because they don't fully understand, or have experience with, the entire licensing process.  For that reason alone, many music supervisors will not even work with them.  That's why you hear a lot of musicians complain that they sent their music to a music supervisor, but never heard back.  This is obvious to any music supervisor in just the first sentence or two of a cold e-mail.  Their job is to clear multiple rights, with the multiple rights holders, of a song, and if you don't understand all these rights, a music supervisor will quickly move on to someone who does - it's not their job to teach you.

If you’re serious about landing sync placements, then you NEED to learn the licensing business inside and out… That’s what Sync Placement Academy will do for you.

Only then will you be fully prepared to connect with Sync Professionals and Pitch to Projects, which we facilitate for you in the Sync Titan Community.

First off, Congratulations!!  However, if you're asking this question, you most likely don't know what to look for, and what to avoid, when licensing your songs.  The profitability of your specific licensing agreement comes down to the contracts you sign (as well as whether or not you retain the rights to your songs ← understanding this CRUCIAL!)

In Module 9 of Sync Placement Academy we take a deep dive into sync contracts - what to always request, and what to always avoid. 

You will also have access to downloadable contracts in this module of the course. However, we will not send a contract to anyone who has not gone through the course, as each specific licensing contract is different. 

Learning the ins and outs of licensing contracts is just as important as learning the sync licensing process - both of which are full covered, and available for you, in Sync Placement Academy.   

The core content of Sync Placement Academy is broken down into 9 Modules.  

In addition to the core course, there's ADDITIONAL BONUS CONTENT that you'll get when you enroll in the course. 

That said, the amount of lessons in this course is really secondary to the results you'll get FROM this course.  In this course, you're going to learn a very systematic approach to licensing your music.  If your goal is to get through the program in a day or two, then we encourage you to look elsewhere.  To successfully license your songs, you'll need to APPLY each step of this process to your song catalog.  

The good news is that we've included everything you need to know to successfully, and consistently license your music at an ELITE level, without overwhelming you. 

Sync-Ready Challenge

This is a 7 Day Challenge.  Once we start, a new lesson will be released each day, as well as a homework task for you to complete. 

At the end of the 7 days, you will continue to have access to all the materials and lessons for an additional 5 days, so you have ample time to catch up or review all the material we covered.

Sync Placement Academy

Unlike many other courses, there is no time limit on how long you have access to Sync Placement Academy. 

Once you enroll, you will have access to it forever.

Sync Titan Community

Membership to this community is on a monthly or annual basis.  You will have access to all the materials for however long you choose to be a member of Sync Titan.

Listening Sessions and Song Reviews are included with your membership to the Sync Titan Community.

Please note: This is not a service that we offer to anyone outside of the Sync Titan Community.

Through the Sync Titan Platinum Membership, you have opportunities to submit to briefs for major TV Shows, Films & Commercials on a regular basis.

However, like most reputable Music Libraries, Sync Agents and Music Supervisors, each submission must include all the required deliverables, not the least of which is full and thorough metadata.  

If you do now know how to create and supply these deliverables, then we recommend starting with Sync Placement Academy.

That said, we've achieved our success because we surrounded ourselves with professionals through our careers.  If you are unwilling to do the necessary groundwork, and apply everything we've laid out for you in an easy to follow step by step manner, then you don't want placements as badly as you say you do, and we do not have time to carry the weight of amateurs or hobbyists.

What you're referring to here are mechanical rights vs. sync rights. 

Every single company's business model is different.  This is where it's essential that you read and understand what is outlined in each contract you sign. 

There is an entire module in Sync Placement Academy where we dive deep into licensing and administrative contracts, pulling them apart paragraph by paragraph. 

After going through this module, you will know how to read, interpret, and negotiate every contract that you're offered, so there is never a concern regarding who controls the  rights to your music.

We cover this in great detail in the Sync-Ready Challenge.

These are the foundational elements that must be in place before you even think of sending your music out to music supervisors, sync agents, and music libraries.  

That said, the Master License has to be obtained through whoever owns the Master Recording. 

The same is true with publishing.

As with anything in the licensing realm, there’s always just a little more to it - especially when high-dollar contracts come into play - which is why those who are serious need to study this industry so they can present themselves as professionals.

As they say, 'give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.'

Our mission here is to teach you how to license your music for a lifetime.

That said, in the Sync Titan Community, we post briefs to major projects on a regular basis, that platinum members have the opportunity to submit their songs for.

If you'd like to be hands off, while still retaining control over your music, we recommend jumping into the Sync Titan Community as a Platinum Member.

While we are both extremely confident in our abilities to read and interpret any legally-binding sync contract, we are not lawyers, and therefore cannot give you legal advice. 

But here's the good news - Sync contracts are not difficult to fully interpret and understand.  You don't need a high-priced lawyer to do this for you. 

For the same price (or even less) than you'd pay a lawyer to read through just 1 contract, you can enroll in the Sync Placement Academy and learn exactly how to read and interpret every single licensing contract you get from this moment forward. 

Module 9 in the course is dedicated specifically to Contracts. 

After going through just this 1 module alone, you will have a thorough understanding of every possible clause and term that will ever be presented to you in a licensing contract.  This will allow you to save thousands upon thousands of dollars in lawyer fees throughout your entire sync licensing career.


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