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Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • How can I make enough money from my music so I don't have financial stress?
  • Is it possible to¬†create music full time and quit my day job where I'm creatively unfulfilled?
  • How can I get¬†MY songs in a TV show, Film, Commercial, Trailer or Video Game?

If so, then you've come to the right place! 

I'm Jody Friedman and I am a Music Supervisor for Film, TV & Ads.  I'm also a Music Publisher, Songwriter, Composer, Producer & Licensing expert originally from Clearwater, FL but living in Orange County, California. 

Whether you've already started in Music Licensing but aren't quite meeting your income goals, or you're unhappy with your job and the idea of venturing out on your own is scary and overwhelming, I can help you.

Jody Friedman at Elite Music Coaching with his family

Earning that $$$ While Chasing the Dream

Jody Friedman performing

We didn't have much money growing up. That's why it was important to me to choose a career path that I enjoyed that would pay the bills.

So, I majored in TV Production and I went to work for CNN after school.  It was a good job with a steady paycheck.

But my passion was music. 

For years, I would write, gig, and record and was doing everything in my power to achieve my dream of "making it" in the music industry.  In my mind, that meant being a live performing / touring artist, signed to a recording contract and it was a struggle. 

Because I couldn't fully commit to my music, I was never creatively fulfilled.  

Sound familiar?

Seizing the Moment 

That all changed when the Executive Producer of the TV Show I worked on presented me with an opportunity to compose something for the show and I did my first music license.

My first license was for a theme song on CNN's "Nancy Grace" and it earned $30,000 in royalties in one quarter!

Nancy even gave me a shout out on TV!

Until that moment, I had no idea that I could MAKE GOOD MONEY from my songs which is where my passion truly lives - in songwriting and creating.

New Beginnings & Seven Figures

I quit my job in NY and moved to Los Angeles, where I set up my music licensing company and committed myself wholeheartedly to landing more licenses, meeting with and getting to know the Music Supervisors around town.

In 2008, we landed a placement in HBO's "True Blood" Season 2 and Showtime's "Weeds", and the placements started to roll in and it all spiraled from there. 

Over the next four years, MY INCOME DOUBLED EVERY YEAR - from $13,000 to $26,000 to $52,000 to over $100,000/year!

Since that time, I have secured over $2 MILLION in license fees and over $750k in royalties and have become a skilled, established Music Licensing entrepreneur, with over 10,000 songs licensed for all sorts of media. 

I've found success as a Music Publisher, Music Supervisor, Record Label, Producer, Songwriter & Composer.  

The real dream was having “CREATIVE FREEDOM" and being able to earn a GOOD MONEY doing what I love to do and after many years of hard work, I'm fortunate to have achieved just that.

Being of Service to Others

In 2020, I made it my mission to be of service to indie artists trying to overcome the struggles I went through and I started "License Your Music" to coach artists on how to do what I've done (in a shorter amount of time!), then I reconnected with an old friend, Michael Elsner, who had his program "Master Music Licensing".

We both discovered that we had a shared passion to help musicians and in order to serve them at the highest level, we needed to join forces so we started "Elite Music Coaching".

Several alumni of the our programs have gone on to land multiple placements in Films, TV Shows, Commercials, Trailers and their music is earning them royalties that will last a lifetime!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, allow me the opportunity to share with you all that that I know about licensing music.

It may have taken me several years to hit my income goals but you can learn how to do it much faster than I did.

But you have to take action, even if it's as simple as downloading a free guide to get started down the path.

The Musician's Guide to License 
Your Songs to Film, TV & ADs!

Download the FREE step-by step guide from Music Licensing Agent & Music Supervisor, Jody Friedman & Composer/Producer, Michael Elsner by clicking the link below!
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Some of Our Clients

Projects I've Worked On

(As Music Supervisor, Music Coordinator or Music Clearance)  More on IMDB

Some of My Placements


(Partial List) as of October, 2020

Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC) | American Horror Story: Apocalypse (FX) | Wild Weddings Channel (TLC) | Breaking Bad (AMC) | The Gary Owen Show (BET) | Locker Room Addiction (DirecTV) | Riverdale (CW) | Collision Course (Reelz) | Life of Kylie (E!) | Happily Ever After (TLC) | The Truth About Harry Quebert Affair (EPIX) | Banshee (Cinemax) | Camp Hell (New Films) | Somewhere Between (ABC) | Halt & Catch Fire (AMC) | The Order (Netflix) | Mosaic (HBO) | The Real World (MTV) | Vampire Diaries (CW) | Ghost Wars (SyFy) | Ten Days in the Valley (ABC) | Born This Way (A&E) | Giri / Haji (BBC) | Shameless (Showtime) | Manhattan (AMC) | This Is Family (Amazon) | Hart of Dixie (CW) | Agents of Shield (ABC) | BKB Unfiltered (DirecTV) | My Super Sweet 16 (MTV) | Playing House (USA) | Damages (FX) | No Activity (CBS) | NOS4A2 (AMC) | Van Helsing (SyFy) | White Famous (Showtime) | Rubicon (AMC) | Victorious (Nickelodeon) | Carmen SanDiego (Netflix) | Outcast (Starz) | Teen Cribs (MTV) | Looking for Alaska (Hulu) | Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) | iZombie (CW) | All Rise (CBS) | Search Party (USA) |  The Tick (Amazon) | Are You The One? (MTV) | Follow the Rules (MTV) | Dark Web (Amazon) | Better Things (Netflix) | True Blood (HBO) | Private Practice (ABC) | Rob & Chyna (E!) | Better Call Saul (AMC) | American Horror Story: Coven (FX) | NFL Football (Various) (Fox)Scrubbing In (MTV) | Seal Team (CBS) | Seven (MTV) | Eastbound & Down (HBO) | Colony (USA) | Big Love (HBO) | Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!) | 911 (Fox) | “Strangers" (Facebook Watch) | 10 Things I Hate About You (ABC) | Goliath (Amazon) Chachi’s World (E!) | Just Add Magic (Amazon) | Children’s Hospital (Adult Swim) | Good Girls Revolt (Amazon) | House of Food (MTV) | Tornado Rampage (Discovery Channel) | Mariah’s World (E!) | Ray Donovan (Showtime) | So Cosmo (E!) | MLB (Fox) | Total Divas (E!) | All Star Challenge (MTV) | Untamed Alaska (Netflix) | Dexter (Showtime) | The Edge of Life: Alaska (Discovery Channel) | Snowpiercer (TNT) | Total Bellas (E!) | Extreme Parking (Travel Channel) | Ball Hogs (USA Network) | Totally Clueless (MTV) | The First (Hulu) | Disorderly Conduct (Spike) | Pose (FX) | The Pacific (HBO) | When Vacations Attack (The Travel Channel) | Gentified (Netflix) | 10 on Top (MTV) | Shuteye (Hulu) | Roam TV (National Geographic) | Pranked (MTV) | Tricked Out Trains (The Travel Channel) | Coyote (Paramount Network) | Astronomy Club (Netflix) | The LXD (Paramount) | Road Rules (MTV) | Tiny Pretty Things (Netflix) | Soundtrack (Netflix) | Bad Girls Club (Oxygen) | Against the Elements (Discovery Channel) | The Killing (AMC) | The Challenge (MTV) | Raw Alaska (Discover Channel) | Haters Back Off (Netflix) | Sci-Tech Academy Weeds (Showtime) | Undressed (MTV) | Wu Assasins (Netflix) | Bad Dog (The Travel Channel) |


(Partial List) as of October, 2020

The Trial of the Chicago Seven (Amblin Entertainment / Netflix) | American Reunion (Universal) | Change Of PaceCuck (Gravitas) | Friends With Benefits (Sony) | Parental Guidance (20th Century Fox) | Holiday High School Reunion (Amazon) | Girl on a Bicycle (Warner Bros) | NormanPearblossom Highway | Cold Light of Day (Amazon) | Don't Fade Away (New Films) Live Another Day (Amazon) | Young FolksSong of Back and Neck (The Orchard) | “The Story of Us” (Hallmark) | “Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen”(Hallmark) | Kissing Strangers | Beatdown (Lionsgate) | FerragamoThree Veils (Amazon) | Bounty Hunter (Sony Pictures) | The Joneses (Roadside Attractions) | Daniel Isn’t Real (Samuel Goldwyn Films) | Jobs (Open Road) | Donnybrook (IFC Films) | Drunk Bus |  They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead (Netflix) | “The Sweetest Christmas” (Hallmark) | Dallas Buyers Club (Focus Features) | Baggage Claim (Searchlight Pictures) | Parker (FilmDistrict |  The Visitors (Gaumont) | CrutchBaby Steps | Sisyphus’ Supper | Limerence | Loaded (GoDigital Media Group) | Felix, Austria (Kanopy) | America’s Most Hated Women (Netflix) | FreeRunner (Vitamin A Films) | Chillerama (RLJE Films) | Hit & Run (Open Road Films) | Mother’s Day (Open Road Films) | SpaceStation 76 (Sony Pictures) | Dinner For Schmucks (Paramount) | A Gun To The Head (Warner Bros) | Dolphin Tale (Warner Bros) | Happily Ever After (20th Century Fox) | Mardis Gras: Spring Break (Samuel Goldwyn Films) | We Happy Few | Rebel (14 Reels Plus) | Check It (Tubi) | Is That a Gun in your Pocket (Sedona Films) | Adventures In Public School (Motion 58) | Zaena | Morris From America (A24) | War Pigs (Lionsgate) | Fear Inc. (Lone Suspect) | Destroyer (Annapurna Pictures) | Everything Must Go (Open Road) | Do No Harm (Amazon) | ELEVATE (Indie Doc) | Burnt Orange Heresy (Sony Pictures Classics) | The Sunlit Night (Quiver Distribution)


(Partial List) as of October, 2020

Nomadland | The Handmaid’s Tale | Mad Max: Fury Road | Picard | Fantasy Island | John Carter | Beauty and the Beast (Live Action) | Titanfall 2 | Elephant QueenDaddy’s Home 2 | Hell and Back | American Ultra | Norm of the North | Call of Duty: Blacksmith | Stronger | The Goldfinch | Tyler Perry’s BOO 2 | Everything Everything | Captive State | Murder on the Orient Express | Deliver Us From Evil | Dark Web | Big SkyBig Little Lies S2 | The Bold and the BeautifulCaptain Marvel | Avengers: Endgame | Bridget Jones’ Baby | Daddy’s Home | Grimsby | Far Cry 3 | The UndoingRed Sparrow | Leave No Trace | Made For LoveLife Itself | Dumbo: Dare to Dream | Instant Family | Rock of Ages | Venom | The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | Ben is Back | The High NoteThey’ll Love Me When I’m Dead | Boy Erased | Uncle Drew | Chappaquidick | Wonder Wheel | Destiny - Rise of Iron | Addicted | The Age of Adeline | Twilight Women in Film | Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare | Earth To Echo


(Partial List) as of October, 2020

ASICS | Cricket WirelessJura Coffee | Lilla Rose | Bergdorf Goodman | Kmart (8  Commercial Spots including Superbowl & Valentine's Day) | Viasat | Chevrolet (2 Spots)| McAfee | Ghiradini Fashion Line | DirecTV | Lending Tree

Video Games

(Partial List) as of October, 2020

Hitman | Far Cry 3 | Call of Duty | Destiny | Air Conflict: Vietnam

Podcasts, Radio & Written Features

  • Music Biz Weekly
  • Songwriter Trysts
  • When Life Gives You Lennons
  • The Music Industry Blueprint with Rick Barker
  • Radio Crystal Blue With Dan Herman
  • KX 93.5 Laguna Beach
  • Banking On Music with JD Webb

Speaking Engagements and Guest Lectures

  • Guild of Music Supervisor Conference
  • Production Music Association
  • Sync Summit
  • East Coast Music Awards Canada
  • Chapman Dodge College of Film



I'm here to tell you that is COMPLETE NONSENSE! 

Forget anything you've heard, you can absolutely achieve a LIFELONG PROFITABLE CAREER in Music!

The TRUTH is that you can even 

I'm going to teach you everything I know about monetizing Music including how to 
TAKE CONTROL of your career while, DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!

Projects I've Worked On

(As Music Supervisor, Music Coordinator or Music Clearance) 
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