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A Sync Titan's Guide to Song Placements and Partnerships

🔥Hot Off the Press! Platinum Sync Titan Award winner, Joy Basu, shares critical insights on navigating the sync industry.🚀

In this interview, we explore the topic of exclusivity in licensing, demystifying the concept for newcomers to the industry. Joy also introduces the often misunderstood notion of a direct license, and emphasizes the importance of networking and relationship building in gaining exposure for your music.🎵

Learn from Joy's personal journey, from relying on word-of-mouth recommendations and auditions as a live performer to achieving over 5000 placements, and receiving the prestigious Sync Titan Award. He shares his key game-changers, including preparedness, research, and implementing a systematic approach to work.🏆

This video is a must-watch for any emerging artist or music professional looking to dive deeper into the sync industry. 🎧

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